About Pina

Pina Santoro-Ellwood is a Sculptor, Painter, Illustrator, Teacher and Installation Artist. As an artist she has developed a visual language that brings the realities of her culture and identity to light, questioning our place in eternal time. Her work incorporates a wide variety of media and forms of presentation, from plaster, stone,wood, ceramic and found objects, to music, performance and outdoor sculpture. Born to Sicilian Immigrant parents in Peterborough UK, Pina is a graduate of The Cambridge School of… Continue Reading

The Italian Community Arts Project (ICAP)

The Italian Community Arts Project (ICAP) began in 2014. It is an art project including artist-led workshops for children aged 6-12 held at The Italian Community and further collaborations with all age groups at the annual Italian Festival.
ICAP is led by Pina who aims to engage with the community in a relaxed informal way. The project is designed to introduce contemporary art to children, teens, adults and elders inspired by the Italian culture.

Through art-based projects and activities the ICAP project is a helpful tool of documentations and experiences for future generations to understand the traditions and Italian culture.

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