About Pina

Pina Santoro-Ellwood is a Sculptor,Painter, Illustrator, Teacher and Installation Artist. As an artist she has developed a visual language that brings the realities of her culture and identity to light, questioning our place in eternal time. Her work incorporates a wide variety of media and forms of presentation, from plaster, stone,wood, ceramic and found objects, to music, performance and outdoor sculpture. Born to Sicilian parents in Peterborough UK, Pina is a graduate of The Cambridge School of… Continue Reading

The Italian Community Arts Project (ICAP)

The Italian Community Arts Project (ICAP) began in 2014. It is an art project including artist-led workshops for children aged 6-12 held at The Italian Community Centre and further collaborations with families at the annual Italian Festival in Peterborough. ICAP is led by Artist Pina Santoro-Ellwood who aims to engage with the community in a relaxed informal way. The project is designed to introduce contemporary art to children, teens, adults and elders inspired by the Italian culture. Through art-based projects and activities the ICAP project is a helpful tool of documentations and experiences for future generations to understand the traditions and Italian culture. CV-image