“C’est l’ésprit de notre société”
Francois Bellec President de la SNBA Louvre, PARIS

…lovely work.
Warrick Davies

“FORZA ICAP” – best looking stand at the Italian Festival!
Pep Cipriano (ESP Magazine)

“ICAP is a wonderful idea as we are losing our identities. Great project for our future generations”
Lucy Catalano (Italian Festival)

“Hope to see all this wonderful feasting for many years to come”

Rene Antonielli (Green Back Yard)

“You taught me today. It was the best art lesson ever. Thank you, you’re the best”
Anna (Leighton Primary School)

“You taught me how to carve in class 9 today so I thank you for coming in and helpful. The carving is so good so I’m going to give it to my Dad”
Caitlin (Leighton Primary School)

“I loved making sculptures!”
Lorenzo, 8

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